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Strengths Based Coaching

It begins by looking inside the individual. What parts of their work do they love and loathe? How do individuals accelerate their performance to generate their best results and how, as a team leader, do you tap into that level of excellence. It starts by looking at what makes the person excellent. Where does their uniqueness lie? How do you pull that out of them, cultivate, and maximize what they love to the betterment of the team. Each person is uniquely different and that is not a “bug” to be fixed, it is something to be celebrated! Each person brings a unique genius to the team so instead of trying to make individuals well-rounded, make the team well-rounded precisely because each member of the team is not. It works for elite sports teams; learn to make it work for your team.

Getting Coffee

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development business is a multi-billion dollar business that tries to teach you how to use someone else’s techniques in order to be a “great leader”. These all come up short for two major reasons: first, you are not them and they are not you. What worked for them, worked for them because that is who THEY are with their uniqueness and you are not them so it won’t work the same for you as it did for them. Second, all it takes to be a true leader is willing followers. Followers who want to follow you for who you are and what you stand for so if that is the case, doesn’t it make sense that we should study what your followers want and need as well as why they follow you? I will guarantee you that those who would willingly follow you, might not follow someone else. Why do you think so many teams drop in performance or increase in performance when a coaching change is made? So let’s focus on the uniqueness of your team and what they need in their leader.

Business Meeting

Organizational and Team Engagement

Engagement is a huge buzzword in business these days. Why? Because the data is clear that the more a team is fully engaged in their work, the higher their productivity, higher their profitability, lower their turnover, less accidents and mistakes they make, and a whole host of other positive outcomes. But how do you get them engaged? From an organizational standpoint, how can you get everyone to rally behind the mission of your organization, understand what it means, and tie every activity they do into one part of that mission? How about the team? How do you get the team engaged? There is no such thing as work/life balance because you don’t have two lives… you only have one life to live and work is a big part of that life! Engaged teams realize this and great team leaders realize this which is why engagement and “love in work” is so vital to mental health, personal and organization effectiveness.

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